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Psychological Prison for me and my 2 grandkids:

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 11:18 AM

I am trying to find a solution to my psychological imprisonment along with 2 of my grandchildren.
No family members can help us, there is no emotional support. Last week I walked in on my husband (almost 20 yrs together), touching my 12 year old granddaughter in an inappropriate way. This has happened at least 20 times she tells me. The social workers have left Destiny in our home, provided I keep an eagle hawk eye on her.Sleep in her room, guard bathroom while she is in there...Walk with her in the home at all times.The police did not take away my husband, he is the soul provider to the house income.If he leaves, I am literally on my own with no money in the streets or a shelter.Here is my situation: I have no job, no education, I don't drive, I am 60 yrs old..I have been controlled by my husband and now I see no way out.My grandson who lives with us since he was a baby, is transgendered and severe OCD, and going to a shelter would not only put him in danger, but would also tear his already torn world apart.He is working at Lowe's and just graduated from High School through a college program...His biggest wish is to move to Philadelphia where he can get help for his transition towards becoming a woman and to be supported by the transgender community in Philly. We live in Florida..I too wish to go to Philly with my grandson to help with myself and his situation.If we go to a shelter here in Florida, family services will take Destiny to put in foster care.My daughter, (her mom) is trying to get her life back.She just started working and now has a small apartment.but due to her drug use (past or present), she had her children taken away.I have told my daughter to open her case to start trying to get Destiny back.She is very fragile (suicidal)and to have her daughter put into foster care WILL send her over the edge.I am between a rock and a hard stone.I absolutely do NOT know what to do.
(My husband had a bad accident, is now in a wheelchair: bipolar, heart condition, stroke victim legally blind), from his fall we are waiting for a settlement...(that could take a year)I could write more and more..there is so much at stake.all I know is, I am now a prisoner in my own home.and so are my grandkids.I have NO idea what to do next! My ideal situation would be: Get Destiny back with her mom, help louis (MF Trans),to get situated in Philly to start college so he can start his identity transition , and help myself to get situated with Louis in Philly, and go to college at 60 years old, so I can become independant. This is my future goal..I can go nowhere now.I have Destiny.We three are prisoners in our home.I am totally beside myself.
Thank you for reading,
Lyllian Crenshaw-Sapp
* I have attached a picture of myself...

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