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2012 Bosom Beauty Instant Cleavage Breast Enlargement and enhancement system

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 10:48 AM


Are you looking to develop breasts, naturally? I am a Registered Nurse in Fl who has helped many MTF transexuals develop breasts naturally and I can help you too. This system is normally used for women who want bigger, more beautiful breasts but it works amazingly well for transexuals who want to develop new breasts! The Bosom Beauty Breast Enhancement System is a secret dream come true for those looking to develop full permanent breasts without surgery. It really works! Here is how it works!

It's the newest way to increase breast size without spending thousands!

When you use the Bosom Beauty Breast Enhancement and Shaping System, the small box draws the air out of the domes and the breasts are gently drawn forward. This mild pulling action inside each dome is very gentle (less tension than a large breasted woman experiences when gravity draws her breasts downward) and when this multi-dimensional pull is sustained, it gradually causes the breast tissue to expand and grow. Since these forces are also applied to the upper portion of the breast, many Bosom Beauty users report an increase in the amount of cleavage they receive after using the System. Unlike the Brava system(which needs to be used 10 hours a day for 20 weeks), the Bosom Beauty only has to be worn for a couple hours a day for 4-6 weeks. Many Bosom Beauty users have used the System for additional weeks to achieve more breast tissue growth. The Bosom Beauty System is both safe and effective.

Cells are first stretched and then grow. The device creates a sustained mechanical tension, which is translated to the cell via biochemical signals. A gentle pull is placed on the breast tissue, the cells respond by developing new generated breast tissue growth. Normal balance is restored and breast size is increased. MRI analysis of clinical participants indicated an overall proportional even increase in all elements (i.e., fat, fibroglandular tissue, etc.) of breast tissue.


Will the "new" breast tissue feel different than the original breast?

No, it's the person's own tissue that is growing.

What do Bosom Beauty users think about the System?

Women and transgender men have reported that they were pleased with the results commenting most on the lift and fullness that developed. Many noted that their self-confidence increased and they became more aware of their bodies. The gradual nature of the enhancement also gave women time to adjust to the change personally and did not overtly announce to the world that something had been done.

How long does the enhancement last?

After completing a couple hours a per day for 4-6 weeks, there is an initial regression that ends with women maintaining approximately a 1-2 cups growth in the size of their breasts. Upon 18-month follow-up, the women had maintained their increase.

Do the breasts grow in proportion or does one grow faster than the other?

Both breasts will grow in proportion when used as directed.

We sell the system on Amazon.com but you are welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions or want to buy directly from us! Feel free to call or text me at 954-471-4429 or email us at hprn@aol.com. You will be thrilled with this system!

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