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Lots of "Straight" Supporters!

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Posted 05 October 2011 - 07:40 PM

It has been entertaining (and annoying) to read some of the ridiculous posts on MSN about Chaz on DWTS. My goodness, there are a lot more paranoid and ignorant mouth-breathers out there than I ever imagined. Some of their assertions are just bizarre. They seem to think that "THE GAYS" are trying to take over the world or something, as if we are some type of well-organized para-military operation. I can just see "The Gays" repelling out of Pink helicopters with Rainbow Camo-Gear and landing right in the heart-land of America. Would we be armed with pastel paints and glitter?? Would we run madly through the wheat fields painting barns, cows, pigs ... anything in our path?? What do they mean by "The Gays??" I have read so many backward misconceptions in poorly written posts. It can really make one's head spin.

I wish that the LGBTQQA ( Alphabet-Soup Alliance) community was half as organized as transphobes fear ... Imagine ... maybe we WOULD all have equal rights by now. Maybe we WOULD even have "a Gay" for President or a Trans First Lady in our Nation's future! But no, too many of us are still debating which letters to add to our acronym and in what order ... LGBTQQPA ... GLBTQQPA ... TQBGLAPQ??? (You know ... we could really use another vowel.)

Chaz and Lacey, I am so a happy that you have had the courage to put yourselves out there to do this freakin' DWTS thing. I have a feeling that it was not something that you (Chaz) would have pursued for the FUN of it. I think that your participation is doing much to raise awareness and to educate people. It is certainly UNIFYING for ALL who wish to work for equality. We know that it is not "The Gays" who are sustaining the DWTS votes ... Statistically, it is clear that our "Straight" (cis-gender) Allies must be responsible for keeping the bulk of the DWTS votes coming in.

How cool is that! :)


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