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Chaz, You Are Opening Closed Minds - a personal story

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Posted 19 September 2011 - 11:17 AM

Chaz, not sure if you are able to find time to read here or not but I wanted to let you know how you being not only yourself, but speaking up and putting your story out there has helped others in a real way.

My girlfriend lives in Indianapolis and her family is very Christian and very closed minded about anything considered 'abnormal' by their religious culture. She herself is gay, and is still closeted for her own reasons, but when she is ready to be more independent she will tell them. Both her mother and grandmother, the two closest relatives, have been very trans and homophobic. They have believed that sexual orientation and gender identity are lifestyle choices and that people who so choose are deluded and sick. Needless to say this has made it difficult for my gf to be around them, even if she has to. Especially since her gf, me, is a transwoman.

The other day she and her mom were visiting her grandmother and...well, I'll let her tell it in her words: "I'm out here doing some errands for her and we get into a discussion about TV. We were talking about Dancing With The Stars and some of the contestants when Chaz Bono came up. Immediately I expected my grandma to call him a quack, say he's out of his mind, totally gross...not to mention use the female pronouns. Please understand that my grandma has always been COMPLETELY AGAINST anything LGBTQ related and was quite outspoken about her opinions. Many times have we gone round and round about this~ Anyway, awhile back she saw an interview on TV with Chaz. Before this interview my grandma didn't even use a pronoun to refer to him--he was an "it" to her, and that's what she called him. Today? She's using the CORRECT pronouns AND saying that it's TOTALLY possible for transgender people to exist. Meaning, they aren't quacks or gross or out of their minds. I have to seriously thank Chaz for this because it's a TOTAL turn around in my grandma's thinking."

I know that the thought that others call us "it" is hurtful and despairing, but the reality is that people who do not know us, who do not understand what it is to be transgender, will make those kind of judgments. Being pro-active and vocal about being trans is not for all of us, but for those who are out there please know that the changes you bring to the world are worth the heat of the spotlight.

Chaz, I have said this before, and I will say it again - THANK YOU, for your :D courage, for your honesty and openness, and for just being you. You are a terrific model for us and I have seen personally now how YOU have opened up one very closed mind, and because my gf's mom listens to her mom, probably two, and you have given my gf hope that not only can she safely come out of the closet one day, but that I will be accepted in her life too.

Keep being awesomeness, Chaz! <3

Kerrianne :)

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 07:24 AM

That's awesome that your GF's grandmother had a change of heart.

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 08:38 PM


Hey boyyyyyy! Just trying to send some +++++++ energy your way and to the forum. I'm MtF and I never really look much into the press, but my mom kept telling me how helpful she found your book and your courage. For that I thank you. That is all!

Short and sweet
<3 Nina

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